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Quality Sauces Made in America
Quality Sauces
Made in America

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Charlie's Specials
Combo Packs
The Deadly 4 - W, TW, 357C, MDIR $46.50
The Macho 4 - FA, RR, HP, PPPLL $27.00
Hot Mama - MMRH, RR, HAGH, NHA $24.25
Not So Hot - SOS, MMCh, MC, BBBR $21.50
Military Pack - AP, W, HAGH $21.00
Gift Boxes
Hell House Sauces $39.60
Fiery Foursome $27.60
American Patriot Hot Sauce
American Patriot Hot Sauce $4.00
Charlie's Hard Times
ODB's Sauces
ODB Whiskey BBQ Sauce $7.50
One Dirty Bitch Whiskey BBQ Sauce $7.50
ODB Whiskey Hot Sauce $6.00
One Dirty Bitch Whiskey Hot Sauce $6.00
T-Roy's Sauces
T-Roy's Chipotle Barbecue Sauce $8.50
Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract, 5 Million Scoville $48.00
Mad Dog 44 Magnum, 4 Million Scoville $38.00
Mad Dog 38 Special, 3 Million Scoville $33.00
Mad Dog Midnight Special 2 Million Scoville $25.00
Cool Million $25.00
1 Million Scoville Concentrated Pepper Extract $25.00
Satan's Blood $20.00
Mad Dog Revenge (2oz.) $15.00
Ghost Pepper Powders
Ghost Pepper Powder 150 Gram Pouch $20.00
Ghost Pepper Powder 100 Gram Pouch $15.00
Ghost Pepper Powder 50 Gram Pouch $10.00
Bacon Jerky
Hot Sauces
    Super Hot Sauces
    Mad Dog 357 Gold $25.00
    Mad Dog 357 Collector's Edition Silver $25.00
    Mad Dog 357 Collector's Edition $18.00
    Mad Dog Inferno Reserve $11.50
    Mad Dog 357 $10.00
    Boomslang Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce $10.00
    Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce $10.00
    Toxic Waste $10.00
    Mad Dog Inferno $9.00
    Widow $9.00
    Venom Xtreme Hot Sauce $8.00
    Neal's Delicious Suffering $7.00
    Scorpion Xtreme Hot Sauce $7.00
    Professor Payne Indeass's Sphincter Shrinker $7.00
    Mad Dog 357 Mini $6.00
    Xtra Hot Sauces
    Satan's Ghost $14.00
    Hellhound Ghost Pepper Sauce $12.00
    Satan's Rage $11.00
    357 Mad Dog PURE Ghost Pepper Sauce $10.00
    Dr. Assburn's Fire Roasted Habanero $8.25
    Buhba's Butt Blaster $8.00
    Scorpion Peppers Sauce, 5.7 oz $8.00
    Peckerwood Mo'Fire $8.00
    Mountain Man Roasted Habanero $7.25
    Chili Cowboy "The Ghost Rider" Xtra Hot Sauce $7.00
    Brenda's Fire in the Bowl $7.00
    White Knuckle $7.00
    Skull Brothers Ghost Pepper Sauce $7.00
    Mad Dog Liquid Fire $7.00
    Neal's Hairy Ass Hot Sauce $7.00
    Professor Payne Indeass's Butt Pucker $7.00
    Orange Krush $7.00
    Pure Poison $6.00
    Rectal Rocket Fuel $6.00
    Hot Sauces
    Palmetto Pepper Potions Trenholm Venom $10.00
    Palmetto Pepper Potions Larynx Lava $10.00
    Palmetto Pepper Potions Molten Golden $10.00
    Peckerwood Original $8.00
    Chily Willy Hot Sauce 10 oz. $8.00
    T-Roy's Ass Bitin Hot Sauce $7.00
    Colon Cleaner $7.00
    Neal's Hot & Bothered $7.00
    Khan's Island Sauce $7.00
    Mountain Man Roasted Corn, Garlic & Chipotle $7.00
    Professor Payne Indeass's Flamin' Flatulence $7.00
    Professor Payne Indeass's Anal Angst $7.00
    Professor Payne Indeass's Wimp Retardent $7.00
    Hot Cayenne $6.50
    Chef Fartenburn's Gourmet Hot Sauce $6.00
    Wipeout $6.00
    Habby Habanero's Slap Your Mama $6.00
    Hogs Ass Garlic Habanero $6.00
    Brenda's Bootie Burner $6.00
    Habby Habanero's Slap Your Mama Red Edition $6.00
    Chili Cowboy Prairie Fire Red Hot Sauce $6.00
    Bone Lee's Original Gourmet Hot Sauce $6.00
    Psycho Soy Hot Sauce $6.00
    Fire Ant Juice $6.00
    Chily Willy Hot Sauce 5 oz. $5.50
    Todd-Sik Hot Sauce $5.00
    Krista's Jerkalicious Hot Sauce $5.00
    Krista's Hellacious Hot Sauce $4.50
    Medium Hot Sauces
    Palmetto Pepper Potions Daily Red $10.00
    Bacon Hot Sauce $7.00
    Funky Monkey Banana Rum Pepper Sauce $7.00
    Dr. Assburn's Fresh Crushed Jalapeno $7.00
    Handyman Chipotle Sauce $7.00
    Warrior's Potion Peri Peri Pepper Sauce $7.00
    Honey-Do Tropic Hot Sauce $7.00
    Blind Betty's Blind in the Rind $6.50
    Blind Betty's Original $6.50
    Blind Betty's Pineapple Pizzazz $6.50
    Mona's Mango Eruption $6.00
    Mad Cat $6.00
    Chili Cowboy Medium Red Table Sauce $6.00
    RincÚn Heat The Original Recipe $6.00
    Sauce Bitch $6.00
    Hemorrhoid Helper Hot Sauce $6.00
    Red Robot Thick N Spicy $5.00
    Green Bandit Cilantro Hot Sauce $5.00
    Rincon Heat The Mango Chipotle Recipe $4.00
    Mild Hot Sauces
    Tortuga's Lost Gold Dark Rum Pepper Sauce $28.00
    Good Time Charlie's Bloody Mary Sauce $7.00
    Skipper's Treat Sweet Jalapeno Sauce $7.00
    Jalapeno Sauce, 5 oz. $6.50
    Rincon Louisiana Recipe $6.00
    Skully's Island Rum Hot Sauce $6.00
    Todd-Sik Chipotle Garlic Hot Sauce $5.00
    Todd-Sik Garlic Hot Sauce $5.00
    Mountain Man Chipotle Pepper Sauce $5.00
    Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce $5.00
    Red Robot Classic $5.00
    Charlie's Hard Times Hot Sauce $4.00
    Peter Piper's Pocket Pepper Sauce $3.00
BBQ Sauces
Saddle Blazin BBQ, 38 oz $9.00
Handyman 10W-40 BBQ Sauce $7.00
Honey-Do Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce $7.00
Hogs Ass Hot BBQ $6.00
Catch This Spicy Gourmet BBQ Sauce $6.00
Catch This Gourmet BBQ Sauce $6.00
Saddle Blazin BBQ, 19 oz. $6.00
Swamp Honky Chipotle BBQ Sauce $6.00
Mountain Man Chipotle BBQ Sauce $6.00
Charlie's Hard Times Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce $5.00
Pasta Sauces
Zuccarelli's Marinara Sauce $8.00
Wing Sauces, Marinades & Dressings
Soggy Sandal's Guava - Jalapeno - Pineapple Rum Island Marinade - Grilling Sauce $10.00
Soggy Sandal's Mango - Adobo Chipotle - Lime Rum Island Marinade - Grilling Sauce $10.00
Soggy Sandal's 3 Citrus - Red Pepper - Ginger $10.00
Sauce Crafters Burn On! TShirts $20.00
Hogs Ass T-Shirt $17.00
Swamp Honky T-Shirt $17.00
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